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United States
Hello everyone, and welcome to my little corner of this awesome artistic network. Though i am a freelance photographer, i also handle photography dealing with, family and child portraits, formal events, live events, and modeling shots. Please keep in mind however that even though i do blemish removal, if you are looking to do modeling shoots, i DO NOT, and WILL NOT handle any body sculpting (photoshope beaty). Many of my friends, including myself, have fallen to the media crazed anorexia, drug abuse, starvation that hollywood media has spread across the world with pictures on mag covers convaying the all mighty unobtainable "perfect body". I believe in true beauty and inner worth, not these fake put downs they advertise in big magz. Im not saying im against looking good, simply put, im agaist comercialism and the desease it has spread throughout our youth. If you want modeling shots done, then i would love to help you, but if make up and making others feel low is your main focus, im not the right photographer for you. Thank you for your time and i truly hope you enjoy the photography, questions - gripes - interested in shots? Email me at Please feel free to comment, critique, message me and if you enjoy what you see please tell your friends about my photography :D.

CoJack Grimm

USING MY WORK: Using my work for personal projects or to practice in photoshop or whatever else you might be doing is totally cool BUT please link back to me so I can see what you did! Also, from one starving artist to another, please credit me. If your interested in my work for commercial use, please contact me first so that we can discuss things further.

Favourite genre of music: Metal, Rock, Techno, Old School Rap
Favourite photographer: Thomas Schultz
Favourite style of art: Abstract
Operating System: Windows
Skin of choice: Mine (haha)
Favourite cartoon character: Mighty Mouse, Stimpy, Meatwad
Personal Quote: Live to love, love to laugh laugh til Death
All this anti gay b.s is pissing me off. Millions die in wars that don't mean a thing but an extra dollar to the higher ups, Poor over croud the streets, and our government is more or less being allowed to rape our ever value. Yet some think its best to protest gays? lol, Yet you dont complain when ya'll see two girls kissing do you? Your hypocrite values make me sick. If God made everyone, doesn't that include gay's and lesbians? So next time you feel like gay bashin, take it up with God, then we'll see how much balls you really have.

I am a straight man, and I fully support gay rights and gay marrage. Give me ONE argument that states why we should not condone homosexuality with out the use of the bible. A book that I might add has been changed over thousands of years to better suit the needs of kings and society. And seeing as this is the ONLY argument that is EVER used, let me put this one out for ya'll. "Separation of church and state". Even if it was writen in stone that homosexuallity was "wrong", religion should play no role in the determination of gays rights to marriages at a state or federal level.  Let me also add that the bible says we shouldnt judge one another, that God is the only being that will do so. Yet blow after blow is dealt to other HUMAN BEINGS because of the simple fact that people fear what they can't understand. Why is it that a man convicted of mass murder, can beg god for forgiveness, and go to Heaven; Yet a man, or woman, whom loves another of the same sex... Goes to hell?

Put your heads in the right place. If we want to fight about some thing it should be some thing that needs to be fought about! Like getting our men and women out of these ridiculous wars and country building that we're allowing our government to engage over see's in; The failed war on drugs, gang violence and over run prison systems; the rising homeless population; jobs; crooked politicians; rising deficit, Martial Law; SOPAj; PIPA. A million and one distresses needing immediate attention in our country cross my mind ever day. Not one of them is homosexuality.

I have plenty of gay friends. And they are ALL amazing people! They are loving individuals whom would give the shirts off their own backs to help a friend in need. But your telling me, that even if someone has led an honest life, helped and loved others, and was the best person they could be; but were gay, they'd still "go to hell"? I would much rather spend an eternity in Hell with people whom have show compassion despite their misfortunes in life then ever go to Heaven and have to hang around with the very people whom have made our world hell by feeling it with pointless hate.

To all of my gay friends; I love ya'll. And though I cant speak for everyone else, please know that I will always be here for you, and would never dream of looking down on you. In fact, I look up to you for having the guts to stand up and fight for what you love.

My name is Roland Eugene CJ Valencia, And I AM FOR Gay rights.

Live to love, love to laugh, laught til death.

-If we bread and teach nothing but hate, then where would God; by any name or any spirit, have any room to fit into our hearts?
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  • Eating: is that a fat joke?
  • Drinking: Water

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